• Snowflake and Power BI

    Snowflake and Power BI

    In the article I will try to give you a small introduction in how to create tables and views in SNOWFLAKE. Snowflake is basically a Data Warehouse where you can have many databases. For this article let’s assume that you have already a created user, and also you user has been added to one or […]

  • Azure Link For SQL

    Azure Link For SQL enables near real time analytics over operational data in an external SQL Database. Azure Link can now be used with SQL Server 2022 and Azure Database, and it works by replicating the specified tables into a Synapse SQL Pool automatically, in an incremental way. This allows to avoid creating a (possibly) […]

  • Data Transformation at Different Stages in PowerBI 

    Data Transformation at Different Stages in PowerBI 

    Data transformation best practices during the creation of a PowerBI dashboard

  • Data Anonymization with Synapse Analytics  

    Data Anonymization with Synapse Analytics  

    Data processing method that adds an extra layer of security to the development and testing environments.

  • PowerApps integration in PowerBI

    PowerApps integration in PowerBI

    The use of PowerApps in a dashboard is a great advantage as it offers a greater user experience when interacting with our app, and is also a method of reading, writing, and editing information directly to the data sources of the report.

  • PowerApps Licenses Application

    PowerApps Licenses Application

    PowerApps is a platform for app development that belongs to the Microsoft Power Platform, which needs a paid license to use some of its functionalities